My (Physical) TBR Shelf Review // How Did I Get So Many?

Today, I’m planning on doing something that I don’t think I’ve ever done before, and that’s go over my physical TBR with all of you. Since I got home from school, I’ve reorganized my room so that my bookshelf only consists of books i’ve already read, and the shelf above my desk is filled with the books that I haven’t read, but desperately need to. Since I’ve been sitting on my bed staring at that very shelf for about an hour now, I figured it could serve as pretty good inspiration for a post. So, welcome to my physical TBR:

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6 Books That Changed the Way I Look at Food

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about a similar concept– books that caused me to completely change my diet, and sort of my way of life. All of these books had similar themes of veganism, healthy living, etc. However, when I was going through my old blog posts and deleting a few that I thought needed to be redone or didn’t stick to the tone of my blog, I realized that this list needed to be redone, since there are so many new additions to the list. Thus, I bring to you the new and improved list of books that have changed the way I look at food.

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Book Blogger Awards 2018 WINNERS!

It’s officially that time of year where i get to announce the book blogger award winners! for those of you that haven’t been following, for all of April you were able to nominate your favorite bloggers for a series of book blogger awards, and then in May, the bloggers who received the most nominations entered a Twitter voting round, to find the single winner for each category. Today, i’m going to be announcing those winners!

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The Intimacy of Poetry

Writing poetry can be an intensely, deeply personal experience. For those of you that have been around the blog for a while, you probably know that there was a time where I had some of my poetry and writing posted here. Well, someone from irl found my blog and i took it all down because it freaked me out. I mean, I was on the verge of deleting this blog completely and then i realized how absolutely ridiculous that would have been and i changed my mind. But basically, that experience (and specifically the way it made me think about my poetry) has inspired me to write this post.

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Blogging Advice: Consistency (Pros and Cons)

wow, it’s been a minute since i’ve written a post trying to give advice about absolutely anything. and in a way, this isn’t even going to be an advice post. in fact, by the time y’all read this post, there’s a chance that it’ll just have turned into a discussion on whether or not you should blog consistently (edit: i added pros and cons to the end to make it seem less decisive). But at any rate, hopefully you glean something interesting from this post.

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The NOPE Book Tag

i’m normally not this on top of tags (i mean, i was only tagged in this one, about, 15 days ago!)  and i skipped a bunch of the ones i was supposed to do to get to this one, but it just seemed super fun, and i haven’t done anything like this in a while, so i figured it was worth moving up in the cue.  The Nope Book Tag (shoutout to the absolutely incredible HOLLY @ Nutfree Nerd for tagging me!) probably appeals to me so much because it’s basically exactly what it sounds– you talk about all of your negative book opinions. And since i’m stuck in a pit of self loathing and hatred, being a little bit negative may be exactly what i need. so get ready folks.

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Discussion: The Pros and Cons of Buddy Reading

sorry this post is a little bit late today!! i’ve been working on finding the finalists for the book blogger awards and it’s taken up more of my time than i realized this week!

A couple of few months ago (wow, it’s been a while) I read All the Light We Cannot See at the same time as three of my close (irl) friends. This was the first time I’ve ever read a book at the same time as anyone, especially anyone who actually wanted to talk about the book like I did.  Overall, I really enjoyed it, and would hands down do it again, but it made me think about some of the pros and cons of reading a book at the same time as someone else. Since i see lots of people online starting buddy reading or book clubs, i hope other people will be interested in hearing my thoughts!

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