A review of Channillo, a paid platform for reading and sharing serialized amateur writing


Almost a year ago, Kara Monterey created Channillo, a website where writers can post serialized works, and subscribers pay between $5-20/month to read them, depending on how many works they choose to access. Does it pay off? Here’s what I think:

For The Reader:
If you have $5 a month to spend on one piece, then it is great! Especially completed works. An even better deal is $20 for unlimited pieces, which is super cool for the person who likes not-so amateur unpublished works.
The only catch is that sometimes the author doesn’t update as soon as you would like, and so you waste your money subscribing to pieces that never get updated or you don’t like. It’s hard to know whether your money is going to be worth it at first. Channillo provides estimated update times, however, and they are constantly being changed to reflect how often the author is TRULY updating, not just how often they WANT to be updating. Plus, you can switch around what series you follow at any time, so if you try one out and hate it, you can switch with little inconvenience.

For The Writer:
As a writer, you get to post your works at regular intervals while still writing, and build up a huge following without needing to pay to get it actually published. Plus, you get paid depending on how many people follow you (80% of net profits go to writers) so you could eventually make a huge profit. In addition, as of recently you no longer have to own a subscription to another Channillo author to post your work, so posting is completely free.
Of course, you could also post your work on other platforms that you have been loyal to for years, but then you wouldn’t be getting paid.  It might hurt your followers if they have to pay for work that they previously received for free, and so it is difficult to make the switch for some. However, many authors think Channillo is great. Here’s what some had to say:

“Four thumbs up!” – Erin Michelle Sky, co-author of On Holy Ground (a completed fantasy short story)

“So far, I have one subscriber. That may be because I don’t currently have a lot of time to subscribe to other contributors.” – D.K. Henderson, author of Lost Legacy (fantastical/mythological story, currently in progress) note: this author still liked Channillo despite her lack of followers

“Very friendly, professional, and helpful… It’s been good.” – Raine Fielder, author of “Raine’s poetry and songs” (exactly what it sounds like, ongoing series)

Overall, most authors said that they felt Channillo was a positive experience and they would love to continue it. Nobody immediately dismissed it or described a negative experience, so it definitely is worth the try if you are an up and coming author! Feel free to check out some of their work, it is all high quality pieces approved by Channillo editors.

To browse Channillo and potentially subscribe, click here

To write for Channillo, request your story here

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