Making Time For Reading During Term Time

As an avid fiction reader I get asked a lot by my friends and fellow students how I get the time to read when I am so busy with lectures, assignments and revision. My main answer would be that I love reading fiction so much that I make sure I make time for it. However, there are many tips I do have for anyone who feels like they no longer have time for fiction reading or for anyone who misses reading.

  1. Read in bed before you go to sleep (and yes I still do this!). It’s a classic tip but it works and this is the largest amount of time I get to read during my day.
  2. If you cannot get into this habit, try reading in the morning when you wake up – I do this regularly on days when I have time.
  3. Use any spare time during your day to read. By this I mean travel time; read on the bus (I even sometimes read while I walk – caution this can sometimes end badly!), read while you eat, read when you are waiting for food to cook (but if you get to a good bit in your book don’t forget that you are cooking and burn your food – I have done this too).
  4. Make a time slot in your day specifically for reading, even if it’s just a small amount of time.
  5. Don’t feel guilty for using your spare time for reading fiction. During my first year at university whenever I picked up a fiction book I felt bad as I believed that I should be doing academic reading instead but this is not the case as long as you have set time aside for private study time too.

So don’t let school get you down, instead use your free time to get lost in a new fictional world!


Author: Shannon Rose

Full time university student studying archaeology as well as a book blogger and booktuber. Some of my favourite books include Nineteen-Eighty-Four, Rebecca, The Book Thief and YA series such as The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Mortal Instruments and The Grisha Trilogy.

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