Amateur Promotion

Looking for amateur writers to promote on the blog, and promoting some of my own writing while I’m at it


Over the past two years, I have posted 7 pieces on Ficton Press, yet the most views I have on one piece of writing is 33.  Honestly, it’s exciting that 33 different people bothered to see what I had to say, but I want more.  This is a common experience for people looking to get views and advice online, so I decided to help authors get a little more publicity by featuring them on my blog!!

Anyone who has posted any writing online is welcome to either comment on this article with the link or email me (, and I will read their writing, whether it is poetry, fiction, an essay, or anything else, and then summarize it and post a new blog post about it.  I will do these for all of your work if you want, but I’d prefer to put them all in one post.  I’m not sure if this will appeal to anyone or not, but it certainly won’t hurt, as I would NEVER post a negative review about an amatuer author.  If your work was that bad, I would tell you and just not write anything at all.

With the idea of more views in mind, I can’t help but add all of my pieces to this post, in the hope that a few people might get bored.

  1. Affirmative Action Debate— In this 1,400 word essay, I detail my argument against affirmative action using key details and statistics.  Although this isn’t exactly “pleasure reading”, I think it shows an important side to the debate that isn’t as prevalent.
  2. But at Least They Stayed— Poem about lost love, and how something that seemed like it would last forever is actually strangely temporary, perhaps more temporary than the things which seemed so fleeting before
  3. The Four Seasons— Each of the four season is described here as someone from New England would see it. Both the good and the bad are portrayed, as are some stereotypes that come along with the different seasons.  When I wrote this I was trying to be semi-artistic while still capturing the essence of a quintessential New England life.
  4. The Girl with the Shades— a poem about overcoming depression and taking off the metaphorical “shades” which depression creates
  5. The Little Broken Secret— A short story about a time when I kept a secret, and then it was discovered
  6. The Notebook— A short poem about exactly what it sounds like
  7. What Love May Do— A poem about two people held apart by distance but kept together by love

Anyone who reads my writing and reviews it, I would really appreciate it.

I am working on another longer story which will be out soon.  More details to come.

Remember: Keep reading, keep writing, and share your work!

Author: Joce

I read and I write about it. If I'm not online or with my nose in a book, I can probably be found at the basketball court.

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