Quotable Inspiration: Doctor Sleep

This week’s quotable inspiration features Stephen King and Doctor Sleep.


I decided to start a new weekly meme, which I will do my best to post each Monday, so that you can start your week with some inspiration.  I am going to take a quote from one of my favorite books, and write about both the book and how the quote has and can impact everyone’s lives.  So, without further adieu, I bring you *drumroll please*……. your first quotable inspiration!

This weeks quote comes from an unlikely author for inspiration, and is also kind of cheating, as it is not exactly all from books.  Doctor Sleep, by Stephen King, is the sequel to The Shining, both of which were absolutely amazing!  In Doctor Sleep, little Dan Torrence is all grown up, and he has to deal with a whole new set of problems (partnered with a 12-year old girl, as Stephen King is obsessed with young children, as we all know).  One of the big reasons which I liked this book so much is that it featured a badass female villain, which are always my favorite characters.  It also happens to be home to one of my favorite quotes ever .  I love the way the two quotes used juxtapose each other and yet both make complete sense.  So, here it is:

“FEAR stands for face everything and recover – Old AA saying”

“FEAR stands for f*ck everything and run.” ~Stephen King, Doctor Sleep

King switches up which quote he uses throughout the novel, and it relates to how the characters are acting throughout.  I think it is really cool because not only is the first a real Alcoholics Anonymous saying, but the second demonstrates how most people really act under pressure, when they are afraid.  I know for a fact that the large majority of us would rather run away from our problems than face them.  But, like the first quote implies, it is impossible to overcome your fear and get better unless you face the problem.

For me, this had a huge impact when I was trying to deal with my social anxiety.  I didn’t want to invite people over my house, even my closest friends, and I would avoid going to social outings.  Every time I even thought about other people, I felt like I was going to throw up, and would legitimately get a headache, stomach cramps, and any other range of common illnesses you could imagine.  This went on for a long time, and I began acting like a certified recluse.  I would have fun with my friends while in school, but the second I left I was too scared and sick to hang out with them again.  Essentially, I was obeying the second version of FEAR.  I didn’t want to deal with it, so I ran.

It took me a while, and a lot of forceful convincing from my mom, but eventually I did look towards the second quote and faced my problems, no matter how scared I was to do so.  For me, I did rise.  I still get a bit sick before going out with friends, but I am able to do it, and I have had so much more fun in my life because of that.  I urge each and every one of you to Face Everything in your life that is bothering you, because it really and truly is the only way to rise and have the best possible life.  I know that it may be hard, and you’d rather say “F*ck it” and lay in bed all day, but trust me, you won’t regret facing your problems.  This doesn’t just go for people with social anxiety, but literally everyone with any problem, no matter how big or small.

I know this was a loaded first quote, but this is the reason I had the idea to begin with!  If you guys have any comments about this quote, or Doctor Sleep in general, let us know below.  And, I would love more ideas for next week’s Quotable Inspiration, so if you have one, comment!

Author: Joce

I read and I write about it. If I'm not online or with my nose in a book, I can probably be found at the basketball court.

4 thoughts on “Quotable Inspiration: Doctor Sleep”

  1. I end every one of my posts with a quote that tries to sum up what I had been writing about! I also completely get what you’re saying about social anxiety; been there, done that. I find if I slip up and start falling into my reclusive ways, I’m right back to where I started. Some say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if I don’t get out and socialize regularly I am right back to needing therapy, so for me, it’s a glass of wine that a day keeps the doctor away 😉

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