November Summary

It’s the end of November, my second real month back since my prolonged summer break, and I’m so excited to say that I think my blog is doing really well!  I’ve managed to get so much done over the past month, and I think this growth is going to help a lot.

Overall, my views have become more consistent, which I think is a result of the fact that I upped my post counts from 1/week to 3/week.  I really hope to keep this up for a while, but I might have to drop back to 2 eventually depending on my course load.  I’m running out of scheduled posts, and that’s making me nervous!  I just have to make it to winter break and then I’ll have plenty of time to catch back up and hopefully get way ahead.

What I’ve Posted…

  1. This month, I tried to catch up on my book reviews for the past year, since I skipped over a few, including Iron and Silk and Sharp Objects.  I’m still a bit behind so you can expect more reviews next month.
  2. I did a short story review as well, of Love in LA, which is new for me.
  3. I posted my first ever book haul, which was interesting to do, and kind of fun to talk about all of the new books which I’m now adding to my TBR!
  4. I started a semi-weekly Monday feature called Quotable Inspiration, with quotes from Doctor Sleep, Orphan Train, and Alice in Wonderland
  5. Because it was election month, I wrote a post encouraging people to go out and vote for Hillary (sobs)
  6. I tried to bring back Words Wednesday with words such as Parable and Carp, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep that up, since it takes away from other content I could post while sticking to me 3x per week guideline.
  7. I’ve tried to incorporate more discussions and “interest” posts, such as How School Devalues Reading, and (my personal favorite) Books to Make you Question Your Eating Habits.
  8. I posted stating that I was looking for a Coblogger, and received a 0% response rate.  Yay me!
  9. Last but not least, Tags.  This was my first ever: celebrating the little things, and I think it went really well.  Let me know what you think!

Bloggish Events…

I’ve started Goodreads account for my blog name, and I realized that I’m 2 books short of my reading goal this year, so I’ve got to get on that.  This month, I didn’t finish any new books (*gasp*) because I started 5 instead of being more motivated for one, so next month should be much better in that department.

One of the things I’m most excited about is the fact that I got involved with some new blogger groups online, which I think is awesome.  The biggest of these is Teen Bloggers Chat, run by Amber, Holly, Jack, and Hannah, some of my all time favorite book bloggers.  If you haven’t seen their blogs, you should really check it out.  This group is on Twitter and Goodreads, and both communities are AMAZING!  Another one I love is GrlPowerBloggers which is run by different people every week .  The best part of blogging is meeting all of these cool people.

IRL (Yes, that exists too)…

This month, I finally finished submitting all of my college apps, and now I have to wait in suspense until I hear back.  I have so much anxiety, and I’m praying that I get into the school of my dreams!

Basketball season started, meaning that I don’t get home until way later, which will make it hard to blog.  But, I’m so excited about the season and think our team will go far!

Donald Trump WON THE FREAKING PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.  I don’t know what else to say.

Looking Forward…

I am trying to start both blogger and author interviews on my blog, the first of which should be coming out in December!!! I want to make these as regular as possible, so if you are interested, let me know.  No matter if you have 10,000 followers or 10, published a NYT bestseller or your work is free online, I would LOVE to have you.

Also, I’m STILL LOOKING for a co-blogger, so if interested please let me know.  I really hope to find someone!  Even if you would only commit to posting once per week, or even bi-weekly, it would be a big help.  Also, I’m interested in featuring guest bloggers!

My one year anniversary is coming up, so I want to do something special for that, but not sure what yet.  If you have any ideas, let me know.

I reached 46 followers this month, with the large majority of that growth coming in the past few weeks.  My goal for next month is to reach 50 by posting content that people are actually interested in and want to read.

Other than that, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing, hopefully get a larger community, and try to meet my Goodreads book goal, which shouldn’t be TOO hard, hopefully.

Small goals for now, but more will be coming next month for the yearly review!


Author: Joce

I read and I write about it. If I'm not online or with my nose in a book, I can probably be found at the basketball court.

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