A blogger secret santa where we write appreciation posts for each other = genius. Check out Teenella’s post to take part and spread the Christmas spirit!

Call Me Ash

Christmas is the time of year that brings people together. A time which brings out the festiveside in each of us (unless, of course, you don’t celebrate it). It’s also a time where excitement is contagious because it’s so heavily induced into every. Single. Thing we do. At a time like this, it’s important to be happy. To remember that despite all the shitty things that have happened to us throughout the year, there’s still a reason to keep smiling and fighting on. The aim of the Blogger’s Secret Santa is to bea part of your list of Many Reasons To Smile On Christmas Day.

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Author: Joce

I read and I write about it. If I'm not online or with my nose in a book, I can probably be found at the basketball court.

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