Blogger Secret Santa- Joce! 

Thank you so much to my amazing secret Santa for writing me the most amazing post ever ❤ go give her some love!!!!

Rambling Abby

First, to thank the lovelyTeenellafor coming up with this idea!

Second, to say hello toJoce / Isobel Moon…hey girly! I’m your secret Santa this year!

I know we’ve never actually interacted and I only just followed you because of the secret Santa arrangement, but trust me, I’ve done quite a bit of reading of your blog over the past few weeks. And I may have sorta fell in love with your style of post… Every book you’ve reviewed so far that I’d read as well, I thought your opinions on were amazingly well thought out and well written, and I admire your ability to make every post the same way. No matter what you’re writing about, be it a blogger interview, book review, or discussion post on whatever seems to cross your mind, it’s always incredible, both content and editing wise. You always come up with…

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