What Just Happened?!?!? I’m at 100!!!


I know I wasn’t supposed to write a post today, but I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS AND NOW I FEEL SO HAPPY I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me over the past year, and given me the support to keep going and do this.  I love you all and I’m in shock that you all want to read my posts.  It means soooo much to me you have no idea.  This is getting a bit repetitive but THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AGAIN!

January 16th is actually the 1 year anniversary of this blog, and me blogging in general, so I plan to do a more put together celebratory post there, but I couldn’t wait any longer to thank all of you incredible people.  So many of you have become a part of my family and I’m so grateful that you (seem to) appreciate me as much as I appreciate you.

Thank you again!!! 100! ahh!

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Author: Joce

I read and I write about it. If I'm not online or with my nose in a book, I can probably be found at the basketball court.

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