Broody Challenge #5: MUSIC and how it relates to my WIP characters

This was a really tough broody prompt for me to even think about completing.  Basically, I had to find some way that music related to a book I’ve read, or a book about music, or even just music that I listen to while writing/reading, but the thing is, music really isn’t my thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll listen to the radio, and love dancing and singing along at the top of my lungs just like everybody else, but I can’t listen to music when that isn’t all I’m doing.  I feel like it takes away from my concentration, doesn’t allow my mind to wander where it wants to.  Maybe that’s weird, I don’t know.  But, anyways, it’s making this post very hard.

Just because why not, I’m going to make this post about a playlist that I think the dual MCs in the book I am currently writing would listen to.  Since it’s dystopian, I’m just going to stick with popular songs right now that she would either enjoy or not enjoy!! If you’re looking to get a better idea of who these people are, check out my Twitter aesthetics thread.  (which is actually terrible because I’m not an aesthetic person)

halfway (64).png

  • Shape of You, by Ed Sheeran– This song is basic, just like Mel, and so it’s totally something that she would want to jam out to while on the beach.
  • Body Like a Backroad, Sam Hunt– She’s a country girl at heart, even if she doesn’t want to admit it.  She loves T-Swift, and this new song is the perfect combo of country (for herself) and pop (so that everyone else can deal with her).
  • It ain’t me, Selena Gomez– She doesn’t know a single word to the song, but she likes to pretend, and since it sort of has a girl power side she can pretend to be as edgy and alternative/girls take over the world as Trish really is, without giving up her basic-ness
  • I’m the One, DJ Khaled– This is the closest to rap we can go, because otherwise it might be a *little* too intense for Mel’s daily surfing and walks by the shore

halfway (65).png

  • Despacito, by Daddy Yankee– Although this song is popular, it has a “different” edge to it just because it’s Spanish, which is something Trish would adore.  Plus, she’d know every single word and use it to impress people.
  • Party, Chris Brown– The beat is awesome in this song, and it’s slow enough to grind to and fast enough to jump up and down screaming, meaning it can be used for any occasion.
  • Future, Masks Off– This is a song Trish can totally get down to, and the fact that Mel hates it makes it all the sweeter.

So, there was my attempt at completing the #BroodyBFF Challenge.  At any rate, just go add the book on Goodreads or even preorder it… I know I will be.  Also, let me know what other songs you think I should add to the playlist based on what you can see about the characters, and lmk if you think my choices were good or not!

halfway (47)

What other songs would you add to this playlist? Are you more like Trish or Mel? Are you going to read Broody’s book?


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6 thoughts on “Broody Challenge #5: MUSIC and how it relates to my WIP characters”

    1. I never thought of music for specific scenes! Like if I were to make it a movie what would I want playing in the background…. that’s actually super cool and now I want to go through and do it!!!! Glad you liked the post 🙂

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    1. It took me a long time to think of them, so I ended up just looking up current songs lol! It was a fun thing to do though, I feel like it gave me a better understanding of my own characters as I thought it through

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