Hiatus Announcement

hi everyone! This is a really hard post for me to write….

As most of you know, I just got to college for my freshman year.  Right now, I’m going through orientation stuff and life is crazy, and I’m not sure when it’s going to get any easier to balance.

Because of that, I’m taking a hiatus from blogging.  I’m not sure when I’ll be back.  I REALLY want to spend more time here, and I love blogging and all of you, but as of right now it’s impossible to find the time.

I hope to be back soon (and by the end of September at the latest) but when I do I’ll probably only post 2x/week from now on, since the 3 has obviously been a struggle for a while now.  I’m so so sorry guys!

Best of luck with all of your blogging and see you in a month or so!!


11 thoughts on “Hiatus Announcement”

  1. I agree with the first commenter. College gives you more free time, and as long as you stay on top of your homework, you should have no problems! Getting ahead of the game pays off with even more extra time if you’re willing to stay up late a night or two. Professors lay everything out as best they can on the syllabus, so much of the guessing is taken out. I wish you the best of luck!
    I wanted to stop by and let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you accept, visit the link below for rules and questions.
    Happy blogging!
    -Author S

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    1. thank you so much for the nomination!!
      I’m 3 days into school and I’m finding that I’m doing homework the entire time, with 0 extra time besides when I go out at night from 9-12…. I feel like it differs greatly based on what school you go to most likely, and I’m still trying to balance and figure out what works!

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      1. That’s true! I’m sorry you’re buried in work, but I hope you can find your balance! You can always forego the award post if you don’t have time, but the nomination will be waiting whenever you can post.
        -Author S

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  2. Good luck with college!

    I actually found college to be a great time for blogging, once you get into a pattern with your classes and homework and all that. You have more free time than high school because you’re not stuck in a classroom all day every day, plus vacations are great times to catch up on blogging and schedule ahead. 😉

    I think my biggest suggestion for time management is that if you sit down to do homework, then DO homework. Put away your phone. Don’t wander off online. Because all of a sudden you’re thinking, “Wow! I spent 3 hours working on this paper!” But 2 of those hours were actually spent texting friends or reading some random articles online or whatever.

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    1. haha thank you so much!! I’m very nervous about everything because everyonne at my school says homework takes up 90% of their time and so we’ll see! Hopefully it’ll be okay

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