Discussion: The Pros and Cons of Buddy Reading

sorry this post is a little bit late today!! i’ve been working on finding the finalists for the book blogger awards and it’s taken up more of my time than i realized this week!

A couple of few months ago (wow, it’s been a while) I read All the Light We Cannot See at the same time as three of my close (irl) friends. This was the first time I’ve ever read a book at the same time as anyone, especially anyone who actually wanted to talk about the book like I did.  Overall, I really enjoyed it, and would hands down do it again, but it made me think about some of the pros and cons of reading a book at the same time as someone else. Since i see lots of people online starting buddy reading or book clubs, i hope other people will be interested in hearing my thoughts!

1. You can talk about the book

The most obvious pro. It gives you someone right there with you that you can talk about the book with, right after you’re done reading a chapter. I LOVE talking about books with people, and so getting to do it somewhere other than Twitter/Goodreads/my blog was super awesome. I feel like i picked up on small things much better as well, since the little details i didn’t notice, someone else was bound to.

2. It makes you read faster

When other people are waiting on you to read a chapter, you’re wayyyyy more likely to read it. Most of y’all probably don’t have a problem with reading quickly, but sometimes i can forget to pick up my book for a long period of time; when other people are reading it with you, this doesn’t happen.

3. People to read with

this is basically a combination of the two above. having people to read with is an ENTIRELY different experience than reading alone. whether your actually in the same room together (reading the same book at the same time on the same bed with a bowl of popcorn between you? goals.) or you’re reading three states away but chatting while you do it, it just makes everything so much more fun, and you find that you want to read even more than you did before.

4. Only buy one copy

this only applies to some of us, but if you’re reading out loud together, or in the same room, you only have to buy one copy instead of two, which can be a HUGE money saver. personally my group of friends had 2 copies for 4 of us and it worked really well, because chances are only 2 of us wanted to read it at the same time anyways.

5. Differing opinions cause tension

so. my friend group also happens to be VERYYYY opinionated. and we stick with our opinions. so when we ship two different people, or fall in love with the “wrong” person (according to our friends) we can get into fights about it. i also find that you might have a more negative version of the book overall if everyone is constantly pointing out its flaws, versus if you read it on your own and didn’t actively say the flaws out loud until you went to write the review.

6. waiting… waiting… waiting…

i’m the one to blame for this one, surprisingly. one of my friends reads reallyyy fast. like extraordinarily fast (#genius) which makes it hard for the rest of us to keep up. sure, that makes me read faster, but on the flip side of that, she took frequent breaks to wait for me to catch up, so that she could talk to me about whatever epiphany she just had that absolutely cannot wait 5 minutes for me to finish the chapter.

so basically, overall i think buddy reading is super awesome, and would 100% do it again (although maybe next time i should find people who read just a littttlleee slower)  it’s a great way to get closer with someone, while at the same time checking books off of your tbr and getting great blog content! 3 birds, one stone!

let's talk

What are your opinions on buddy reading? have you ever buddy read, and if so was it a good experience? is there any particular strategies you would recommend for a better experience?

26 thoughts on “Discussion: The Pros and Cons of Buddy Reading”

  1. Such a great discussion to have! I definitely agree about getting to talk about opinions and that’s good about it saving you money. LOL- I always seem to have dissenting opinions, so I hear you on that point for sure. And it is really hard to keep the same pace as other readers!

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    1. aw thank you!! i feel like there’s so many different pros and cons that if someone asked me if they should try buddy reading i wouldn’t even know what to say! it’s such a personal thing haha

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  2. Buddy reading is definitely awesome 🙂 actually, I try to do one buddy read per month with a book blogger. And I even have a special buddy read review format, where we interview each other. It’s very nice to change up the review format, and of course, for the discussion – and also getting to know your blogger friends better too. It has always been an awesome experience. Actually, coincidence – I happened to read All The Light We Cannot See for one of those buddy reads as well! Unfortunately. I also hated the book 😀 but you could say that the buddy read saved it for me – cause I’m not sure I wouldn’t have DNFed such a huge book that I wasn’t enjoying at all, if I wasn’t reading it with someone else 🙂

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    1. hahaha i think All the Light was one of the most overrated books ever!!!
      that’s super cool that you do one a month and review it like that, it seems like a really fun way to make new friends and write a great post!


  3. I really enjoy buddy reading generally, even though I’ve only done it with a couple of people and not for ages! It was especially fun one time when me and a friend on Twitter read a book together everyone hypes up and loves that we did not really, and could vent to each other. We also did that for one we didn’t read together too.
    Amy xx

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    1. that’s the best when there’s someone that doesn’t like a hyped up book with you! you need someone to rant to when everyone else is talking about how amazing the book is 🙂

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    1. oh yeah for sure having your own copy makes things easier!! reading aloud is a bizarre experience, i feel like it’ll either bring you closer together or make you hate them haha!!


  4. I was about to say i never buddy read but then remembered that pre blog time i read a book with a friend together. It was a lot of fun. Even tho he read slower than i did.
    Since I’m a mood reader i never know what i will read so it’s hard to coordinate one with blog people for me.

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  5. i go so back and forth on buddy reading! the main problem is that i’m such a mood reader – i don’t want to plan for a buddy read, because then what if i’m not in the mood to read the book? and even if i AM in the mood, sometimes i’ll start a book, decide i’m not actually in the mood for it, and put it down. but it’s so fun to read a book with another person! my feelings on it are complicated (which is a major reason why i love this post so much!)

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    1. oh yeah that makes sense!! I tend to stop reading books halfway through a lot too, which is part of the reason that i like buddy reading, it forces me to keep going 🙂

      glad you enjoyed the post!

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