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My name is Joce and this is my blog! If you’re here, I’m assuming you have at least a vague curiosity as to who I am and what this blog is, so wonder no more. The answers to all of your most pressing questions are below.

The History of WTTN

Write Through the Night, or WTTN for short, was originally created in January of 2016 by me, a very bored high school student who read too many books and wanted to talk about them with other people. As I realized that a book blogging community truly did exist, this book blog grew to be more consistent, I started engaging with many of you, and over time I gained a small but dedicated following.

At some point in the blogging journey, I decided that blogging would be more fun if I had a co-blogger to help me post frequently so that I didn’t have to feel as stressed. This led to a brief period of 3 months in 2016 where Shannon would also post her book reviews and thoughts. She eventually moved on to doing her own thing, and the blog once again became solely mine.

I began college in fall of 2017, and by the beginning of 2018, I became so busy with school work and basketball that I stopped being able to post as often, and the blog fell off to around once a week. During this time, I ran an extensive Shakespeare poetry series, because I was taking a poetry class and it was nearly all I had time to read. I could only maintain this for so long, and so in early 2019 I decided to leave the blog for good.

Or so I thought.

That brings us to where we are currently. In early 2022, I decided to restart the blog. I have more time now, and so I want to channel that into doing something productive, such as writing here. At this point in time, I now publish articles about twice a week, and hope to for many years to come!

What To Expect on the Blog

This is and has always been a book blog first. That means most of the content will be book related, although I no longer confine myself to just writing about books. Occasionally, you’ll see a life update post mixed in.

In terms of books, I try my best to read a wide genre because I find that that is the most interesting to me. I love psychological thrillers, and lately have been getting more into nonfiction and memoir. You’ll find tons of YA and dystopian content, especially in the archives.

Who Am I?

The ultimate question, one I’m not sure I have a real answer to. In lieu of who I am, I will tell you some random facts about myself that may, on aggregate, give you an idea of the person behind the words on this site.

I’m Jocelyn! A 22 year old human being living in Boston and working full time as a Software Engineer. I recently graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science, Economics, + Data Science. I’m bisexual and in a long-distance long-term relationship with the girl of my dreams!

In terms of hobbies, well… I have this blog! Besides that, I read a lot (obviously), write poetry, work on my full length research based nonfiction book (which I will not reveal hear because it’s a good idea that will take me 10 years to write so I don’t need you stealing it), and I’ve started taking improv classes because although I’m not funny I hope to be one day.

Can We Work Together?

As I said earlier, I have a full time job, but I am always looking for freelance work that can get me closer to the writing community! I have experience as a freelance editor, and am always looking for opportunities to edit or write elsewhere. Reach out to me at writethroughthenight (@) gmail.com to be in touch.

If you’d like to be featured on this blog (as an author or fellow blogger), head over to my Services Page for more information. I can’t wait to work together!

 Let’s Be Friends!

Since I started this blog, I realized that other people are much better at making internet friends than me (because I have ~2) and so I’m trying to make more of an effort to get out into the big big world of the blogging community.  So please be my friend!  Check out my social media and stuff, and I’d love to talk to you about anything.  Whatever you need, just reach out, and I’d love to talk!!

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