Intro to 2018 // Goals, Predictions, and More

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! It feels bizarre that the year is 2018… I mean, I still sometimes think it’s 2008, the fact that it has been 10 years since then is just weird.  But anyways, I can’t wait for this year, and have already been working on some resolutions/goals, and a TBR to share with you all.

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The End of the Year Extravaganza Part V // Blogger Celebration

I’ve already messed up posting 3x a week sooo…. we’re back to Fridays!! I tried my best guys but the year is just so busy I think once a week is all I can manage.  Today, I’m going to be spreading the Christmas Spirit for just a little bit longer by celebrating some amazing bloggers from around the blogosphere!

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Guest Post: The Truth Behind the Fiction

Just 3 days ’till Christmas and 10 left until 2018!  As a reminder, I’m posting 3x a week in honor of the holiday season, and because I have SO MUCH TO SAY about how my year has been going so far.  This is part IV, so make sure you head back and catch up if you’re not already:

I’m super excited because today, I’m going to be sharing a guest post written by former CEO John Bell!! His book seems super cool, and his story is equally as alluring.  As someone who wants to be both  a CEO and an author, I really love this, and hope other people will feel equally as inspired.

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End of the Year Extravaganza Part III // T5W Characters on the Naughty List

We’re in the final stretch until Christmas Day!!

If you’ve missed the first couple editions of EYE (end of year extravaganza) (idk why I’m suddenly trying to be cool and come up with acronyms) (I just used two three parenthesis in a row help me) you can catch up on them here:

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The End of the Year Extravaganza Part II // A Statistical Analysis

7 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! It’s hard to believe that just one week from today I’ll be sitting around the tree with my family all together.  I honestly can’t wait.

But anyways, today’s the 2nd day of blogmas… if you missed part one (Books of 2017) make sure you head over and check it out!

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End of the Year Extravaganza Part I // My Favorite Books of 2017

IT’S OFFICIALLY DECEMBER! AND NOT EVEN THAT, BUT LIKE HALFWAY THROUGH.  That means it’s time for Christmas season and end-of-the-year fun and I can’t wait.  That’s why from here on in, I’m going to be posting 3x a week (monday wednesday and friday) so that I can fit in all the fun wrap up posts that I want to do.  Plus, it seems like a great way to celebrate the end of a really great year!!

For Part I of my end of the year extravaganza, I’m going to be talking about my favorite books (because, well, this is a book blog and if I for some reason fall off the face of the earth tomorrow at least we’ll have this).  It’s going to be super tough for me to do, since I read SO MANY GREAT BOOKS THIS YEAR but here we go!

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The Liebster Award #2 // Answering Tough Questions

A few months ago, I did this exact award, but because it’s all about answering people’s questions and telling fun facts about yourself, I decided to do it again!!

This time, I was nominated by the lovely Shayna, who posts tons of great works of writing over on her blog Hail Angelic Creation.  If you enjoy reading poetry or short stories, you should totally go check her blog out!

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