Writing Portfolio

Below is a compilation of everything that I have ever written (aside from blog posts).  If you are interested, please check it out and leave feedback!


But At Least They Stayed

The Girl with the Shades

The Notebook

What Love may Do

When You Feel This Way

A Sonnet So True

The River Children

The Tree

Short Fiction

A Simple Methodology For Improving Humanity

The Four Seasons

It’s a Free Fall, I guess

The Little Broken Secret


Affirmative Action Debate

The Importance of Leadership

Novels (In Progress)

Untitled–  In the year 2296, everyone has their place.  

The Coloreds have the collectives, The Gays the colonies, The Patriots have the inner city, and The Ladies know that they will be assigned to their ideal home.  

On Melanie’s assigning day, she knows exactly what will happen.  She’ll be escorted to the edge of the city and deposited on the opposite side of West Gate, the first time in her life that she will ever see the world beyond.  The 2,000 mile walk to the colonies is far, but The Walk Guard would be there to protect her and, more importantly, it means that she will be reunited with her girlfriend, Trish.

But the week before her choosing, her father, an influential lawmaker, tells her the truth.  Nearly everyone dies on The Walk– there’s no food, no protection from the elements, and no Walk Guard.  She must become a Lady or die.

Suddenly forced into a life she had never imagined, Melanie must make a choice.  Hide her identity forever, or risk the perilous journey into the unknown.

The Chemical Capitalists–  When Columbia University student Izzy Davids stumbles across a secret meeting, she becomes obsessed, desperate to know what is going on behind the closed doors. It doesn’t take long for her to figure out that the group, known as the Free Thinkers, is a small unit in part of a larger hacktivist organization attempting to take down the top 1% of America, and uncover the truth while they’re at it.

Izzy is skeptical at first, but soon they hit the jackpot– the secret to how the world’s most powerful people managed to stay that way over the course of many generations. Shocked, the group decides that they need to reveal their findings to the world, but in doing so they risk disastrous consequences. Trapped in a battle against some of the most influential people in the world, the team of intelligent college students must act quickly, and smartly, in order to make it out of the battle alive.