Editing & Revising Service

If you are interested in having your novel/short story edited and revised, please review the packages below and fill out the contact form or email me.  If you have proof that you are a student (and age < 26), packages are 25% off!

My email: writethroughthenight@gmail.com

Deluxe– MOST POPULAR! ($60/65,000 words)

  • All of the above plus:
  • An edited copy of your manuscript, returned to you chapter by chapter
  • In-text suggestions for improvement

Supreme ($80/65,000 words)

  • All of the above plus:
  • Live time editing on Google Doc
  • After initial edit, will go back through to answer questions and work to help develop weak points of novel

Current and Past Clients

Author’s names link to their personal websites, and book names link to their Goodreads page or (if they posted online) to the story itself


Katerina Baker
  • The Corner Office— A 180 page office romance published in June 2017 by Createspace

Science Fiction / Fantasy

Erin MacLeod
  • Haven (currently unpublished)– A 200 page fantasy story about a future America where a magical race known as “Fae” exist.  Erin is currently still going through revisions and working to get her story published.  When it’s actually published, I expect it to be fantastic because this was amazing.
Enid Blyton
  • Prom Date— A short story about a boy who makes a wish at a magic shop for a perfect prom date, but ends up getting something different than he asked for.


  • The Greatest Love— A poem about what love truly is, and how perspective can change over time.