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Hey guys!! so way way back in August, Celine nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award, which I’m super honored by. Thanks Celine (y’all, go check out her blog if you haven’t already)!!! Well, I’ve been meaning to write the post for a bit, but have been sort of skipping it and it got further and further down in my drafts folder until I nearly completely forgot about it, but now it’s Thursday night at midnight and my post is due to go up in seven hours and I have nothing written (and no ideas) and so I found this award and i’m writing it!!

Anyways, that was a super long and probably unnecessary introduction, so straight to the award!

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Blogging Help: Book Twitter // Navigating the Terrifying World of Social Interactions

Hey y’all!! It’s been a super long time since I’ve written a blogging advice post, and so today i decided to write about using book twitter. originally, this was going to be a discussion on the different aspects of book twitter, but then it turned into a rant and i was scared it might get me yelled at by a lot of other book bloggers so…. we’re going to teach YOU, dear reader, how to use Twitter instead!!

Twitter usage is pretty essential for a blog, and i would argue (after Instagram, if you’re into aesthetic photos) is the one that will get you the most blog traffic. If you aren’t using it yet, or maybe even if you are, here are some tips to get the most out of your followers.

(personal note: this is the longest post I’ve written in so long and i’m super happy about that so yay hopefully y’all don’t get ridiculously bored!)

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The End of the Year Extravaganza Part II // A Statistical Analysis

7 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! It’s hard to believe that just one week from today I’ll be sitting around the tree with my family all together.  I honestly can’t wait.

But anyways, today’s the 2nd day of blogmas… if you missed part one (Books of 2017) make sure you head over and check it out!

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Recap: The Book Blogosphere in Review

As I mentioned in my summary/end of hiatus post a while back, I wanted to collect a bunch of really great blog posts from over this summer and compile them, both for myself to read and others.  While I was reading everyone’s posts, it occurred to me that I could make this a regular/seasonal feature, where at the end of every season I recap the best posts and general happenings from around the blogosphere!

All of the posts and info this time were suggested by other people on my summary post earlier this month since I took a pretty long hiatus.  After this, we’ll see whether it’ll be better for me to randomly find posts, or to take suggestions from you guys.  I’m not gonna do wrap up posts any more, because I only post once a week, so this will potentially replace that.

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Summary of Summer (aka a Summer-y)

Hey guys!! I’m supposed to be back from my hiatus today, but to be honest I don’t think it’s actually going to be possible to get back into blogging full time.  I’m really upset about that (like really really upset) but I don’t know how I would manage to balance school and blogging.  At all. I am so impressed by all of you that do it, and maybe someday I’ll be able to manage, but that day is not today.  Continue reading “Summary of Summer (aka a Summer-y)”

August Intro: TBR and Future Goals

I actually cannot believe that it’s August, because that means I’M LEAVING FOR COLLEGE SOON. WAY TOO SOON. WAY WAY WAY TOO SOON.  Don’t get me wrong I’m super excited I’m just freaking out too. And you guys should be too, because gods only know how much I’m going to be able to blog in college.  It’s a whole new world out there and I’m not sure if I’m ready to experience it.  Time management? Like WHAT? Remind me what that is again?  Since it’s the last month of summer, I’m going to try to make a reasonable* TBR and set goals that I think I can genuinely reach.  Here we go.

*yes, yes, I know reasonable isn’t really my strong suit.  But I’ll succeed this time, I PROMISE (cue awkward laughing)

halfway (62)

Ebook / eARCs

Not the Only SkyThe Readers of Broken Wheel RecommendSelect (Untitled #1)

  1. Not the Only Sky— Yes, yes I know I’ve been reading this for three months and so shouldn’t be putting other books on this list too since I really need to finish this one, but I promise I’ve been putting work in on it recently.  It’s not that bad, really.
  2. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend— I got this book from JellyBean, they finally opened it up the the US (YAY), and I can’t wait to read it. It looks adorably fun and the ultimate bookish book so CAN’T WAIT.
  3. Select— This is an October ARC that I desperately want to finish before October, which is why it’s on the chart in August. That should mean that I’ll finish it by late September.

Physical Books

The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth's Children, #1)The Valley of Horses (Earth's Children, #2)Big Little LiesThose Girls

  1. Clan of the Cave Bear— I’m already about halfway through this one (it’s only the 26th as I write this, so maybe I’ve finished it by now, but I’m not gonna update my July Wrap or this post, so let’s pretend and it’ll all be okay) and I FREAKING LOVE IT.  AND IT’S A SERIES.  My mom sort of forced me to start, and it’s so well written it makes me work to read it but yet is actually a great story I’m not sure why it took me so long to find this beauty.
  2. Valley of the Horses— The Clan of the Cave Bear Sequel, ya’ll (i’m not sure what’s gotten into me).  I’m not sure if i’ll read these both one after the other or interject one in between, but I can’t wait.  Can’t wait at all.
  3. Big Little Lies— This has made several appearances on my TBR, but this is gonna be the month that I will truly do it.  I like Liane Moriarty books, they’re predictably constant in their 4 star-ness, and plus I want to watch the TV show, so it’ll be a double win.
  4. Those Girls— I got this book at the library for 50 cents, and it looks incredible, and is in perfect condition.  It’s a light paperback, so I’m putting it on the TBR solely to bring to the beach with me.


Strange the Dreamer (Strange the Dreamer, #1)

  1. Strange the Dreamer— This is 18.5 hours, so I think it’ll be the only one I’ll finish this month, but it’s also something I’m VERY VERY VERY EXCITED to read.  I can’t believe it finally came in on Overdrive.  now I just have to finish it before it expires.

halfway (63)


Reach 450 Followers– I have so much trouble setting this goal every month, because either I dream wayyyyy too big or I don’t dream at all and assume that literally only 1 person will find me and want to follow me, because let’s be honest who would really want to follow me.  I think 450 is a solid goal, and it’ll make me super happy to get there!

Post a Review Every Friday– I think that this will be an easy goal, it’s just a matter of sitting down and actually writing the posts.  I already have 2 scheduled, and I’ve read enough books to have one for every Friday, it’s just a matter of writing them.

Find 3 New Blogs to Follow– I haven’t “gotten out” into the blogging world in a long time, and it’s sort of stalling me out in terms of new followers and also just enjoying the blogging community.  I want to make sure I follow at least 3 blogs that I GENUINELY ENJOY this month, and comment consistently on their posts.

Comment on Blog Posts More– This sort of relates to the last one, but I want to make sure I’m commenting on my current bloggy friends whose posts I already love and enjoy, because I need to KEEP UP MY FRIENDSHIPS.  Yes, Joce, this takes work.


Finish outlining Chemical Capitalists– I set this aside for a long time now, but I’m starting to get the feeling where I NEED to work on it again, and so hopefully August will be the month where I crank through and write my outline.  I epically failed camp nano and so this will be a good makeup month to get me on track for real NaNo in November.

Decide what I want to do with my Calipso story and Walk story– I wrote a half outline for Walk, and I’ve been thinking about this other story for a while, and I just want to think and figure out which one I want to work on first, or if I want to put CC before either of them.

halfway (47)

What are your plans for August? Have you read any of the books on my TBR? What do you think?


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July Wrap: A Slow Month Where I Bought A LOT

I can’t believe it’s already the end of JULY and as of right now, I haven’t even gone to the beach.  Once.  Like, who even am I? I’m not sure anymore and I’m having an EXISTENTIAL CRISIS about it because the beach is actually my favorite place in the whole world and I’m… not going!?!?!  Not that that has anything to do with books, or writing, meaning that you guys don’t care at all, so to the real post (which is markedly shorter than my normal wrapups but idk):

halfway (57)

Physical Books


  1. Lola (4/5)— This was an ARC that I won from LibraryThing, and I was super excited to finally get around to reading it.  The plot lived up to expectations and beyond, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the actual style of writing.  I would recommend, but I’m not sure I would run out to buy something else by the author.

Audiobooks (weirdly there’s a lot of these)

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time IndianBehind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai UndercitySave Me

  1. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian (4/5)— I listened to this book in the car on the way out to Colorado with my family, and thought it was the perfect family read.  The narrator was the author, which was cool because then you knew it was being read exactly as it was supposed to be, and although it took me a bit to get into the Native American Accent, once I did it was really enjoyable.
  2. Behind the Beautiful Forevers (4/5)-– This book took me FOREVER to read just because I kept forgetting about it, and you need to listen to it for long periods of time in order to get into it/understand, but I adored it once I got into it.  There’s so many characters and you hear lots of different people’s stories all intertwined, but if you’re willing to pay attention it’s worth the read.
  3. Save Me (3/5)— wtf happened to this book.  It started off SO STRONG and I was going to give it a much better rating, but then it went all magical unrealistic mom save the world big conspiracy that only she can uncover save the world.  Like, ummm, no.  just no.  So 4/5 for the first half, 2/5 for the second. Hence the three.

halfway (69)

This is a new section that I’m adding to the wrap up, since I realized it’s kind of weird that I didn’t have it already.  Basically, “New books” just means all the books that I’ve gotten, one way or another, over the course of the month.  This month especially was a really good one for book collection!  Of course, that only means that it’s been especially good for drowning in my own TBR, but yanno, you can’t win everything.

Kindle / eARC

Until It FadesCarnegie's MaidThe Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

  1. Until it Fades, by KA Tucker
  2. Carnegie’s Maid, by Marie Benedict
  3. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, by Katarina Bivald

Physical Books

The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth's Children, #1)The Girl in the Spider's Web (Millennium, #4)Those GirlsFirefly Lane (Firefly Lane, #1)

  1. The Girl In the Spider’s Webm by David Lagercrantz
  2. The Clan of the Cave Bear, by Jean M Auel
  3. Those Girls, by Chevy Stevens
  4. Firefly Lane, by Kristin Hannah

halfway (59).png

  1. July 2017 Book Releases— There were SO many good books coming out this month, and although I didn’t have the chance to read any ARCS (I’m still behind from June) I can tell that I’m going to be scouring bookstores for months for cheap copies
  2. Genre Shaming Discussion— I wrote a post about why we shouldn’t shame people for reading genres that they enjoy, and I was happy to say that most people agreed with me! Make sure you weigh in on the discussion!
  3. Books that Need Sequels— For one of the BroodyBFF challenges, I wrote about books that I want to have sequels, but that don’t currently.  All the books I chose will probably never have sequels, but I WANT THEM SO AUTHORS ARE YOU LISTENING? but in all seriousness, it was a fun post to write.
  4. One by One Book Tour— I brought book tours back to the blog for this month, since they are quick and I didn’t have time to write a lot, and I really liked the sound of One by One, by Robert Germaux!

halfway (60).png

Posts from around the blogosphere that you totally need to head over and check out

  1. May has been blogging FOR 6 WHOLE MONTHS. And it’s life changing.  And there’s a survey you need to fill out.
  2. Apparently July is a popular blogiversary month, because Teacher of YA had her 1 year blogiversary and wrote a post about it!  I’m super happy for her!
  3. Isla (formerly known under another name that I will not say because I don’t know if I’m supposed to) launched her brand new blog and said hi to everyone and I’m super excited.
  4. Nia compared some books and movies and told us what books to read if we like that movie and vice versa which is super helpful to all of us TV and movie nerds out there!
  5. Sarah wrote an interesting perspective on “reading” audiobooks, which although I somewhat disagreed with I loved reading.

halfway (47)

How did your July go? What books did you read? Have you read any of the books that I just got? Let me know all the thoughts


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The Book Blogger Awards Winners

Hey guys!!

First off, if you are still unfamiliar with the book blogger awards, you likely weren’t following my blog very carefully, but can figure out what I mean by heading back over to the original post.  I decided to do the second round via Twitter because that seemed like the best possible way to get the most possible people to vote.

Second, I want to thank all of you who did submit blogger nominations!! It was amazing the number of new blogs I found through this.  I hope that, if nothing else, anyone who wants to find new book blogs will be able to because of this.

Third– to those of you who nominated me for something, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! You all are incredible and it means so much that you feel the same way about my blog ❤

look upinto the stars. (12).png

Best Teen Book Blogger (13-19)


Claire (Blank Slaters)– Claire’s blog is one of the ones which I found because of these awards, and I’m super happy that I did.  First off, the name “Blank Slaters” is amazingly cool and unique.  I love her list posts, because they’re super relatable and I find myself cheering for what she says, and her book reviews are really really well done.  They’re the perfect length and tell you exactly what you need to know about a book.  Plus, her blog has just the right amount of graphics and color that it’s beautiful without being overdone.

Best PreTeen Book Blogger (Younger than 13)

So either the preteen book bloggers all lie about their age and say they’re teenagers, or they genuinely don’t exist.  At any rate, I had to eliminate this category because there were precisely 0 nominations.

Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)

Molly (Molly’s Book Nook)– Molly’s blog is beautiful, like, way amazing how did that even happen beautiful.  I’m just going to use Mahriya’s description, because it says it better than I ever could– “I discovered Molly’s Book Nook a while I go now and have never stopped following. Her blog looks wonderful, is wonderful and SCREAMS WONDERFUL. She’s so organised and wonderful to talk to. I love her posts soo much! I’m not really sure what else to say because her blog is just…wonderful. Did I mention it is wonderful?”look upinto the stars. (13)

Young Adult

For this genre I decided to have two winners, because the Twitter polls were very close, and there were over 15+ people nominated, so to end up getting the most nominations, then the most Twitter votes, out of that many people is absolutely incredible.

Stephanie (Teacher of YA)– Stephanie’s blog is absolutely incredible.  Her reviews are unique and great, because she not only gives detailed descriptions of everything that she loves, but she also gives a rating for classroom use, an age range, and then her own rating.  It makes it very user friendly and tells the readers exactly what they should be expecting before they pick up the book.  Not only that, but her blog is super active and there’s a ton of interaction on the site, which makes it a really fun place to hang out.  I’m really glad I found such a great YA blog!!

Sarah (Written Word Worlds)– I ADORE Sarah’s personality and the way which she puts it into every post.  It makes everything on her blog so much more fun to read!! Also, Sarah not only just blogs about YA, but she takes on big issues on her blog with discussion posts and other conversations about how “issues” in our society are (mis)represented in fiction.  I think it’s an awesome way to use your platform.  I’d be crazy if I didn’t also mention the effort she puts in to make different header pictures for all of her blog posts, and the lighter, fun posts that give us wonderful insights into her personality.

Middle Grade or Younger

Stephanie  (Reading is Better With Cupcakes)– I don’t read any MG anymore (I haven’t since, like 3rd grade) so I’m a little out of touch with this genre and what to expect.  The fact that her blog is on blogspot isn’t making it any easier for me.  But, from the time I’ve spent there recently, I can tell that it’s a really special blog.  There’s tons of book reviews, giveaways, and a great color scheme with frequent use of pictures, which I love.  She actually has a kid, and so that’s sure to help her write accurate reviews!! I think that if I’m ever looking for book recs for my little cousins, Stephanie’s blog is a place I’ll have to head over to.


Jill— Jill’s blog is absolutely amazing.  She is literally the queen of all things romance, and she is also a published author (highly recommend you check out her books if you like romance, they got rave reviews).  She also writes rave reviews of books, and although I don’t read romance they seem really thorough and amazing.

Science Fiction / Dystopian / Fantasy

Stephanie (Chasm of Books)– Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how many different “Stephanie”s there are in the blogosphere?  3 of them won these awards! Anyways… this Stephanie is equally deserving as all of the others.  I adore her header, and actually think at some point she was nominated for best blog aesthetic (if not she should have been).  I like the way that she breaks her reviews into sections based on what she’s talking about (“characters”, “audio”, etc) because it makes it so easy to figure out exactly what I’m going to like about each book.  She regularly hosts read alongs, which I think is an incredibly cool feature and I’d love to participate in one, or maybe even host one, one day.  Plus, I love how she doesn’t only post book reviews.  She mixes it up with other SSF content that’s fun to read for everyone.  Love this blog!!!

New Adult / General Adult

Zuky— I just followed Zuky 30 seconds ago because of her fabulous home screen and the fact that adult fiction is one of my favorite genres and I can barely find NA bloggers, so we’re going to let Lia do the talking here: “she blogs mainly about adult fiction and even though I barely read adult fiction (and therefore usually have no clue which books she is talking about), I feel myself drawn to read all of her posts! Also her weekly Netgalley picks feature is amazing (please someone do that for YA books too, I love it)”

Literary Fiction / Classics / Poetry

Lucy (Queen of Contemporary)– This is another drop dead beautiful blog.  I love that she’s shared some of her own writing on her blog, because that’s so brave and it also makes me smile to read things that bloggers have written.  She also has a Youtube channel, which I find to be an impressive accomplishment.  Plus, she’s using her blog as a platform to talk about issues she believes in, basically making her my hero and the blogger I wish I could be.  Since I’m new to her blog, I’ll let Bex sum it up:  “Lucy… not only blogs about YA, but also posts a lot about classics, whether it be discussions, reading wrap-ups or book hauls! I have been trying to read more classics, and Lucy’s blog has been super helpful for motivating and guiding me!”

Mystery and Thriller

Emma (Damp Pebbles)– Emma has TONS of book reviews, cover reveals, and book tours on her blog, which can really help you get familiar with all the new thrillers and, if I keep looking any longer, is going to completely overwhelm my TBR.  I love that her writing style is personal, I feel like she’s talking right to me and it makes me want to get to know her so much more!  I think Sarah does a great job of explaining just why Emma’s blog is so popular: “Emma has a wonderful blog absolutely packed with all manner of wonderful things crime and mystery book related. From author Q&As to cover reveals and the all important book reviews. Definitely a must follow for fellow fans of the odd serial killer!”

Does a little bit of everything

Aoife (Pretty Purple Polka Dots)– Aoife is one of my fellow members of the BroodingYAHero street team!! Her blog is fun and it posts such a wide variety of bookish content, not just reviews, which is something that I personally look for in all of the blogs I follow, since I’m not one to read 50 billiontrillion reviews.  And she’s been blogging for, like, ever, which I’m super jealous of. OMG and did I say she’s really good at taking pictures? Well, she is. Here’s what Kelly had to say about her blog:

“I love reading…[her] blog because she posts such a wide variety of reviews. I don’t stray far outside of the YA genre but I enjoy reading Aoife’s reviews and looking for recommendations of other genres I may enjoy. Her reviews are really detailed and she always gives the things she likes and doesn’t like about each book” look upinto the stars. (15)

Best book reviews

Jess (Bookends and Endings)– Surprisingly, I’ve read approximately 0 of the books which Jess has, so I’m having trouble with writing this one, but I can tell you that the way she writes her 5 star reviews makes me DESPERATELY want to read them.  I love the way she talks excitedly about the book while still giving us concrete details and making it seem incredible.  Bex says “They’re always really in detail, but at the same time non-spoilery, which is, in my opinion, the best kind of review!”  Not only that, but Sarah says ” She has a wonderful way with words and her love of books really shines through in her reviews.” So, basically, I have to stop reading Jess’s blog or else my TBR is going to have a catastrophic problem.

The Master of Weekly Features (top 5 wednesday, waiting on wednesday, top 10 tuesday, etc)

Mel (The Book Moo)– Mel participates in Tuesday Talks, Top 5 Wednesday, and Netflix Addiction (which I think is her own creation) just to name a few of her weekly features.  She works really hard on these posts, which is obvious just by reading them, because they’re always super detailed and on point with the theme while still be unique enough that even if you’ve read others you still eagerly devour Mel’s.  I aspire to be that good at weekly features.  I’ll let Jess take it from here: “I am always delighted to see a post from Mel’s blog waiting in my inbox, and her weekly features are no exception to my excitement. They are regular and quality content, and I especially love her Tuesday Talks.”

Best Book Recommendations

Ashleigh (A Frolic Through Fiction)– I haven’t followed Ashleigh’s blog before, but I did head over to her Spring reading recommendations to write this post, and I could instantly tell that everyone who voted for her was on point.  Ashleigh’s recs spanned a huge variety of genres and all looked absolutely incredible.  Although I won’t get to any of them this spring, they’re definitely going on my summer TBR!! Jess sums it up perfectly:  “Ashleigh reviews a fantastic range of books on her blog, and she has excellent taste. She also reviews a mixture of recent and older books, so I think no matter what, you’ll be able to find a book you’d like via her blog.”

Prettiest Bookshelf

Cait (Paper Fury)– I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cait’s blog and bookshelf.  It’s perfect.  Like, actually perfect.  She has the best aesthetic and overall gorgeousness and I will be infinitely jealous of her until the end of time.   (and you can tell it’s amazing when one of the people who nominated her hadn’t even been following her blog until a few minutes before 🙂 )

Best bookish discussions

Puput— Unfortunately, Puput is actually going into a sort of hiatus at the moment, so you won’t be getting any new discussions from her soon, but that just means you have plenty of time to go back and read and participate in her old ones!!  She writes really well, and she has clear support for all of her discussions while putting it in a format that’s fun and easy to read.  My personal favorite is about the portrayal of women in fiction.  Mahriya puts it very well: ” I LOVE… [Puput’s] discussion posts because they’re just so thought provoking and wonderful!”look upinto the stars. (16)

Most Engaged in the Community

Rachel (100 or Less)– I’m going to be honest and say that although I’d seen Rachel around, I never really interacted with her before. The fact that I instantly knew who she was, though, speaks volumes about how much of an impact she has on our community. Because of that, I should let the people who know her best take over.   Sarah: “Rachel is the wonderful host of the #SundayYA twitter chat. She does a wonderful job coming up with all the topics and hosting the chat every week. I’ve discovered some wonderful blogs through the chat. Rachel also organised the readathon I took part in over the Easter weekend, and set up a twitter DM group that was fantastic for motivation over the weekend.” and that’s not all of the praise that she’s gotten.  Kelly elaborates even further, saying that: “She is the dedicated and hard working host of #SundayYA which is just going from strength to strength. Thanks to Rachel I have met some of my best bookish friends and #SundayYA has become a staple of my Sunday evening plans. Thank you, Rachel! ❤

Blog Aesthetic

Kelly (Kelly’s Rambles)– Kelly has been making lots of appearances earlier in this post because it seems like everyone she nominates wins, but now it’s time to give her her own appreciation post!! Kelly not only knows all the best bloggers, but she has one of the most beautiful blogs ever.  Her graphics are so cute and all of them are different but yet they go together perfectly, and I don’t know how she does it.  Her fonts are gorgeous and everything works so well together that I am in love.   Sarah says: “Kelly’s blog is beautiful, I love all the different images she has for her posts from the home page, it’s a very clean, easy to read but gorgeous blog filled with great content.” and I completely agree.  It’s wonderful.

Most full of personality

Mahriya (My Bookish Life)– I cannot say that I am even remotely surprised by the fact that Mahriya won this one.  From when I was a little blogger to now, she has left MASSIVE comments on my blog posts that never fail to make me smile and I love that she takes the time to really read and respond to little me.  Plus, as I’ve gotten to know her better personally, I can say that she is a super fun person to talk to and I’m happy to call her one of my blogging friends!! I was so happy that other people felt the same way, so here’s what one of them– Lia— had to say: “Mahriya from My Bookish Life is another amazing blogger with a lot of original content, she’s got a great personality and I couldn’t not nominate her for this!”

Best Friend ever

I decided to slightly change this one, because in collecting the nominations there was an adorable little twist that I couldn’t expect and so I had to just go with it.

The winners for this award are actually 3 people who are all best friends, because they all nominated each other and I think that’s adorable and want a little circle of friendship like they do 🙂

Debbie (Debbie’s Library) + Savannah (The Book Prophet) + Lia (Lost in a Story)– Congrats on being such a close group you guys!!! Here’s what you had to say about each other:

“I feel like we’re the golden trio or something. We always talk to one another individually but never as an actual group, and I didn’t even know they were blogger friends as well for the longest time. They’re both such amazing bloggers and friends and I feel so fortunate every time they comment on my posts because they’re both such wonderful people.”

“I can’t help but pick two for this topic, which are  Debbie from Debbie’s Library and Savannah from The Book Prophet. Debbie has been with me from pretty much the start and she’s the sweetest person! Savannah I met a little later but ever since that first comment we’ve become quite the blogging buddies. I love you both so much, thank you for going with me through this long process that will hopefully not end any time soon!”

I love your friendship so much and I love that I got to witness it 🙂 look upinto the stars. (17)

Best New Book Blogger (created blog after July 2016)

Bex (My Shelf and Myself)– I am very, very glad that Bex was nominated because it gave me the opportunity to find her blog, which is amazingly amazing.  I was shocked that she was a new blogger, because in a short time she managed to create a vast network of friends while also posting quality content and just otherwise being incredible.  Everything that took me a year to figure out she was doing from the start, and I love the neat way her blog was laid out.  And clearly, everyone around the blogosphere feels the same way:

Kelly— “the lovely Bex… has a fab blog full of excellent reviews and interesting discussion posts.”

Lia— ” I’m giving a shout-out here to… Bex from My Shelf & My Self who are both lovely new bloggers and deserve some love!”

Jess— “many of my followers may have heard of Bex because she’s my sister and so features a lot in my blog posts, but she’s also absolutely perfect for this category. She created her blog in October 2016, and I’m consistently blown away by how articulately she writes her blog posts, how nicely her theme and images look, and how great her content is. She was the first one that came to mind for me for this award.”

Best Overall Book Blogger

And the winner is… *drumroll*… CAIT FROM PAPER FURY!!! I was one of the overwhelming number of people who voted for her, and I could not be more happy that she won.  Her blog has so much personality and amazingness it’s wonderful.  In case somehow you haven’t seen her on Twitter, her blog, or instagram (aka you live in a hole), here’s what some other bloggers had to say about her:

“So….I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows Cait. She’s is literally THE book blogger queen. If you don’t know her, then…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Maybe you’ve seen her HILARIOUS TWEETS or her MIND READING RELATABLE POSTS or HER FANGIRLING COMMENTS but you’ve heard of the name. She has the BEST bookish photography, her blog looks VERY amazing, her posts are funny and witty, she replies to all the comments and is extra polite. What more is there to say? She deserves this title 100%.” ~ Mahriya @ My Bookish Life

“I’ve mainly seen Cait’s Instagram, not her blog, but when I saw that the host of the awards, the lovely Joce, had nominated Cait, I went to have a look at her blog and was blown away. I know about her reviews from Goodreads, and they are absolutely outstanding, so engaging and thoughtful, and her other content was simply amazing. After being so impressed by her blog, I feel like I simply have to nominate her for this category!” ~Jess @ Bookends and Endings

“OBVIOUSLY??? NEED I SAY MORE??? She’s got the aesthetics (!!!), personality, awesome book reviews — just everything rolled into one smol cake queen.” ~May @ Forever and Everly

A Special Shoutout

This wasn’t an actual category, but I feel the need to recognize a couple of people who didn’t win any of their own awards, but were nominated a whole ton of times across different categories and therefore deserve love and affection and you checking out their blog.  I’m just listing them below, so it’s up to you to click the link and see just how incredible they are.

You guys all deserved an award but all of the people who love you spread out their nominations over many different categories rather than being all together, so I wanted to make sure you got attention!!!

Congrats to everyone who was nominated, even if you didn’t win, you’re amazing.  Also special thanks to everyone who nominated people, voted in the Twitter poll, or helped promote these awards.  We had 101 unique book bloggers nominated, and that amazes me to no end.  Love you all!


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~ Now Venture out and Change the World ~

A New Thing I’m Trying Out + Some Thoughts + New Graphics

I cannot even explain to you guys how excited I am to be done with basically all of my classes.  I still have to show up but now that AP testing is over I’m basically free to watch movies, read, and do whatever I want for the last month of school.  With that in mind, I’m hoping (praying) that I’ll be able to catch up on blog posts and get way way way more content on the way for you all.

look upinto the stars.

I put something out on Twitter a few days ago asking for guest bloggers (or potentially long term bloggers) to help me out throughout the summer, since I will be travelling a lot.  I was fortunate enough to get a lot of responses, so keep your eyes out for some guest content going up on Wednesdays starting now and going throughout August.  I’m super excited to share their content with you all, since I know it’ll be nice to get a break from me and also they’re amazing bloggers in their own right.  I’d still gladly accept more guest post submissions if anyone is interested.look upinto the stars. (1).png

Now to the original reason I started writing this post was to introduce you guys to a new thing that I’m going to try out while reading, and I wanted to hear your thoughts before I got too far into it.  That way, if any of you had any advice, suggestions, or warnings of imminent destruction, I’d have plenty of time to hear (and hopefully successfully avoid) whatever it is you are trying to help me not crash into.

So, the Thing.  Annotated reading.  I know this has a lot of different definitions for different people, but for me it basically means that I’m going to be writing comments and questions in the margins of my book, and maybe underlining some super awesome sentences.  I plan on taking pictures and uploading and also writing a much longer post on how it goes once I’m actually done, but today I just wanted to sort of explain what I was doing.

I decided to do this because I’d been reading “Tweet along” reads on Twitter, and then had to annotate a book for school (which SUCKS and is nothing like what I’ll be doing) and so I thought I might as well combine the two and see if annotating my book would help me get anything else out of it, let me write a better review, or just plain old enjoy the book more.    I have a physical copy of The Roanoke Girls (thanks to Blogging for Books), so that’s the book I’ll be using to do this little experiment with.  I’ve left comments on eARCs and such before, but I feel like it’s different when you are actually using a pencil and writing directly on the margins.

Also, there are a couple old books that I’ve bought second hand that have writing in the margins, and I personally love reading what they say.  That being said, I’m aiming for minimum 1/page which is much more than I’ve ever come across.

Hopefully I’m not offending anyone by writing in the book, but hey, all in the name of experimental progress, right?  I’ll keep you updated via Twitter with how it is going along the way, but when I’m done I plan to do a fairly comprehensive post of exactly how the reading went, and whether I got anything out of it.  look upinto the stars. (2).png

So, as far as the book blogger awards go, I posted Twitter polls to finalize all of the voting, and I think they’re over now (you might have one more day so hurry over and check if you haven’t) so I’ll be checking everything out and posting a final version of the winners on Friday!! I’m very excited about all of the positive feedback and blogger love that has been going around lately, so thank you all so so so much!!! look upinto the stars. (3).png

If you have been paying any attention to this post at all, you probably saw that I’m using new graphics as headings for each of my sections.  I decided to mix it up and make it a little prettier, and plus I found the same picture that Emma used in my header, so it felt sort of like fate.  I thought it would be better to break it up than my off-color purple headers, but I’d love to know if it’s better for your viewing pleasure.  I sort of want to change my featured image pictures too so we’ll see how this all works out.

look upinto the stars. (4).png

Have you tried annotated reading?  Do you like my graphics? Want to be a guest blogger?