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Hey guys!! so way way back in August, Celine nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award, which I’m super honored by. Thanks Celine (y’all, go check out her blog if you haven’t already)!!! Well, I’ve been meaning to write the post for a bit, but have been sort of skipping it and it got further and further down in my drafts folder until I nearly completely forgot about it, but now it’s Thursday night at midnight and my post is due to go up in seven hours and I have nothing written (and no ideas) and so I found this award and i’m writing it!!

Anyways, that was a super long and probably unnecessary introduction, so straight to the award!

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Tag: Cait’s Character Awards

Since it’s almost the end of 2016, it’s a great time to review all of the books I’ve read this year!! And so, when I saw Cait decide to make a tag about the character’s in the books we read this year, I decided that it would be a great idea!

Cait is a book blogger over at Paper Fury, and I love her blog, sense of humor, and cake jokes (either i’m a nerd and easily amused or she’s really funny… I think it’s the second).  And, she would be pleased to note, I’m currently an American saying “BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????” (Post reference: Also please wear a Santa hat and sing the Aussie Jingle Bells which is something about a rusty Holden ute and I just want to see the Americans looking at each other confusedly and saying “BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????” because I’m evil and Australian and easily amused).

Soooo I stole her tag.  Here it goes!!

Most Relatable Character…

For me, the  most relatable character was Mary Boleyn from The Other Boleyn Girl.  Even though I’m the oldest sister, and so a bit more successful than my siblings (I’m joking, sort of 😉 ) I still relate to the way she was cast into the shadows and never really the “best” because I feel that way a lot in my daily life.

Most Pure and Precious Animal Companion…

I’m not sure if I read a book where there was an animal companion in a lot of it this year, but the dog from The Road was amazing, for the little while he was there.

Fiercest Fighter…

Hmmm… I have quite a few that I know I will NOT be putting into this section!  But overall, Vivian from Orphan Train was definitely a fighter, until the very end she never  gave up, and I envy her perseverance.

Most Amazing Sidekick…

Curt MacCrae from Fat Kid Rules the World.  Hands down.  He was the sidekick that Troy needed, and he did an amazing job making Troy feel like he was the leader, not just that kid people throw stuff at during lunch.  You go Curt.  Everyone needs one of you in their life.

One You’re Surprised you Loved…

There’s quite a few, but the one that stands out to me the most is Kristina from Crank.  She’s a drug addicted, down the drain teen, but you feel for her, and you end up loving her even though she’s not the best person you’ve ever met.

Best Sassmaster…

I think I’ll have to go with Liz from Donnybrook.  She was overpowered in literally every possible situation, but her back talking and sass managed to get her through.  Go you.  You’re the girl that we all want to be.

Best Anti-Hero and Morally Grey Grape…

Easy.  Ty from Stolen.  He was incredibly anti-hero, but he did it for good (at least in his opinion) reasons.  He managed to kidnap a girl (the protagonist, no less) and yet I still manage to like him kind of.  Weird.  I think I might be the morally grey grape.

Best Worst Villain to Hate…

Adora from Sharp Objects.  You absolutely hate her, and you know you should hate her, and her personality is so developed, it’s great.

Truly Astounding Worst YA Parents…

I’m cheating on this one because I didn’t really read many YA books, so this book is not YA.  But, Adora from Sharp Objects once again makes the cut, because… welll… just read the book to find out.

Truly Astounding Best YA Parents…

(also in cheating, non YA form) The dad in The Road.  I didn’t really like that book considering it’s getting two posts in this tag, but whatever.  He was a good dad even if the writing was bad.

The Most in Need of Protection…

Obviously Gemma from Stolen.  She has no protection, she gets kidnapped.  Then, she needs help from her kidnapper to survive.  If she could just be a little bit more independent and tough maybe we wouldn’t have all of these problems, isn’t that right Gemma!

Most Boring as a Barnacle…

Mr. M from Dear Mr. M.  I think the author tried to make him interesting, but it just didn’t work, and nearly put me to sleep the entire time which, I assume, is the opposite effect you were going for.

Best Little Royal…

Anne Boleyn.  This is a cop out since she’s actually a real life royal, but oh well.  She did her job really well.  Round of applause to you Anne.

Very Surprised You’re Still Alive…

Rachel Watson from Girl on the Train.  I don’t know how she survived past chapter 2 honestly.

Best at Horrible Decision Making…

The Invisible Man from (you guessed it!) Invisible Man.  He couldn’t make a good decision if his life depended on it; I actually can’t deal with his tendency to approve of being put down.

Cleverest Little Hellion…

Libby Day from Dark Places.  I haven’t written a review for this book yet (sorry, I’ll do my best to write it!) but I loved her.  She had such a run down, overall shitty life, but she actually pulled through really well and used her street-sense to get through some crazy stuff.  She managed to make the best out of a really awful situation, and despite not seeming like it in the beginning, by the end she was pretty clever and had it all together.

Want to Read More About You…

Alice, from What Alice Forgot.  She had such a rough time during the book, and I want to see how things are going now.  Even though I’m in high school and she’s a married mother, I still felt a relationship with her, and would love to hear more about her life!


That’s all for the tag! If you want to do the full tag, I suggest going to Cait’s site, because she had quite a few more that I skipped just because when you’ve only read 20 books in a year, there’s not enough that relate.  Still, it was fun to get to review all the books I’ve read and talk about some of the best and worst characters in all of them!

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Tag: Celebrating the Little Things

This is my very first book tag ever!  I’m so excited to finally do one, because I love reading everyone else’s, and now I get to participate.  Thank you to Kourtni for tagging me!!

Who was your very first follower (if you can find out)? Tag them and give them a shout out!

My very first follower ever was Charlotte Hoather, who blogs about her singing career/journey.  I remember feeling so shocked that she actually took the time to follow me, and so excited at the same time!  I definitely never expected to be noticed by someone so random, and it felt awesome that she liked my posts, especially since her blog was way more popular than mine.

What was the last milestone you reached?

I don’t really hit many milestones, but I guess I would have to say 40 followers, which I hit earlier this month.  Not really sure if that even counts, but for me it was really exciting.  I’d have to say either that, or getting over 50 views in one day.

What was the very first post you posted on your blog? Share it with us!

My first post was a really lame attempt at a review of In the Heart of the Sea.  I was only halfway through the book when I wrote it, and it contained absolutely no information– thank gods it has only been up from there.  That was actually in the very beginning of this year, so I don’t have any real excuses for why it is so bad, but trust me when I say that my blogging skills have increased A LOT since then 🙂

Who was your most recent follower? Tag them and give them a shout out!

My most recent follower was Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News.  Hugh is a writer who’s about to publish a compilation of short stories, so you should totally check it out!  Thank you so much for following me.

What was the last post you posted and who was the very first person who took their time to click the like button? Give them a shout out!

My latest post was a Quotable Inspiration from the book Alice in Wonderland.  The first person to like this was Kenzie who, as far as I can tell, doesn’t have a blog :/

How many months have you been blogging for?

I started blogging in January, so my year anniversary is coming up!  That’s a bit of a lie, however, because from August-September my posts were nonexistent.  I also didn’t do a great job of getting out in the community pre-September, so hopefully my return is bigger and better than ever 😉

Do you have any bloggers you’re friends with? Give them a shout out.

I’ve talked to so many amazing bloggers over the past few months.  I can’t say any are great friends, because like I said earlier I used to do a horrible job of communicating with other bloggers, but some of my new favorite people to talk to are Habiba @ Penning Some Life, Cassidy @ Quartzfeather, and Elm @ Just Call me Elm or Something.  Thank you all for being so awesome!

Who originally created the last meme or tag you participated in? Give them a shout out!

This is the very first tag or meme I’ve ever participated in!

Have you any social media related to your blog?

I have a Twitter where I post blog updates, and Goodreads!  I don’t understand why so many bloggers have a Pintrest (please explain) and I’m not artsy enough for Instagram, so that basically sums it up!

Last but not least …. just say thanks to all your followers.

Thank you guys so much for actually listening to what I have to say!  It’s amazing when I realize that my posts are actually seen my people other than myself, so seriously, thank you!!

If I wrote about you above, you are tagged!  If you do the tag post your link below so I make sure to check everyone’s out 🙂