Poetry Series IX: “Curious” in Sonnet 38

I took last week off because it was Christmas!!!!! and today is January 1st so i should be posting some new year goals, but stay tuned for that on Friday!! now we’re back to the poetry series, week 9!! I’ve really been enjoying posting the stuff I’ve worked on, and also it’s keeping my blog more active which I love, especially because everything i’m posting is very interesting to me and hopefully to you too!

i’m once again doing a close analysis of a single word in a poem, in this case, “curious” in Shakespeare sonnet 38.

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Poetry Series VIII: “Ransom” in Sonnet 34

A month or so ago, I talked about Shakespeare’s Sonnet 34 and my general thoughts and noticings on it.  Today, I’m going to break that down into a very specific segment of the poem, and talk specifically about a single word that he used– “ransom”. For class we were required to find a word that had multiple meanings and discuss it, and I think it’s super cool to take a look at the way the word impacts the overall meaning of the sonnet. I got all of these definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary, and would 10/10 recommend using it for bonus points with your poetry teacher!

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Poetry Series VII: Shakespeare Sonnet 78

okay guys so if you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s this dude that Shakespeare is absolutely OBSESSED with. and now in this sonnet, he’s sad because the man is not also obsessed.

enjoy sonnet 78!

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Poetry Series VI: Shakespeare Sonnet 57

so now that we’re on week six i have literally no idea what to write in my intro to these posts. we’re mostly just doing the same thing on repeat, and i’m scheduling this way ahead, so hopefully these aren’t getting like only 2 views or making people unsubscribe from my blog… in general i started posting these because people seem to like analyses, so hopefully those stats hold.

We’re back to shakespeare sonnets for this week. this time, we’re doing sonnet 57, which is very sarcastic and entertaining, so hopefully you enjoy it!

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Poetry Series IV: Shakespeare Sonnet 51

Poetry series week four!! I decided to analyze Shakespeare’s Sonnet 51 for class, and instantly regretted it because googling revealed it to be super hard to analyze and not fun at all, but I mean by then i was fully committed, so here’s my probably nonsensical analysis

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Poetry Series III: Sonnet 34

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for Poetry Series day 3! Today we’re moving on to sonnet 34, which i find very entertaining in general, and I think highlights a lot of Shakespeare’s more whiny characteristics

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Poetry Series II: Shakespeare Sonnet 27

Welcome to Poetry Series day II! Hopefully y’all are interested in Shakespeare Sonnets, because I’ve read (quite literally) every single one for this class and will be sharing about 11 with you guys.

Today, we’re talking about sonnet 27, which is my personal favorite of all time, and I think you guys will really enjoy it.

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Writing: A Shakespearean Sonnet

For Valentine’s Day this year, I wrote a sonnet to my mom, because I normally write her cute poetry since she’s my only possible Valentine (you are either going to judge me or completely relate so I’m not too worried).  This year, I decided to publish it, because I was really happy with the way it turned out!  I would love it if you guys could go check it out and let me know what you think, preferably by leaving a review on the site, but you could leave it here too if you want! Feedback (both positive and negative) would be appreciated!!

A Sonnet So True

While I’m here, I decided to write a brief introduction to what a sonnet is, and why I decided to write one.

A sonnet is a form of poetry that has a fairly strict format:

  • 14 lines
  • Rhyme Scheme: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
    • In other words, there are three quatrains with every other line rhymes, and then a rhyming couplet at the end
  • Iambic Pentameter (note that I didn’t quite follow this in my poem)
    • 5 sets of stressed and unstressed syllables, I think per line.  This is supposed to tell you how to read it, but becomes incredibly difficult when you are trying to write it

These poems are normally used as an expression of love, and since they’re short people think they’re easy to write.  They’re not.

When I write poetry, I mostly write it in my head, and then once I have a few lines all figured out, I pull out my phone or a piece of paper and scribble it down, then go back to my head.  The reason for this is that it’s really freakin’ hard to write poetry that rhymes on your first try, unless you want to sound like a 2nd grader writing about the fat cat who sat on the mat.

It makes it even harder when you are writing for someone else.  I think this is crucial though, to write good poetry.  Even if you don’t plan on giving your sonnet to someone else, you should at least picture someone so that your poem has a good flow and you can feel the passion in the words.  Don’t love anyone but still want to write a sonnet? Use book characters, that normally works.  Or, make up a romance for yourself, but make it detailed.  You met at the drive in when you were 30 cents short for popcorn, and he paid for you, then proceeded to talk to you the whole time the movie was on and you hated him but fell in love… or something like that.  Even if these details don’t really come into play while writing, the undercurrent of emotion will be there.  The more complex, the better, because the poem will sound genuine.

That’s all I have for today!! I’m going to ask you one more time to read my poem because I’d love feedback!!

Have you ever written a sonnet– Share links below! If not, do you think you could write one?  What advice would you like to hear before starting to write poetry?  Do you have any advice to give? What do you think of my poem? So many questions, so much I want to know– comment below!


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