The Absolute Cutest YA Friendships Ever

Sure, most of the YA community is obsessed with SHIPs and OTPs and all other types of romance, because let’s be real, that’s fun to talk about.  And it gives us the feels in alllllll  the right places.  But to me and (I’m sure) lots of other people in the #BroodyBFF community, FRIENDSHIP is actually wayyy better.  It can be so so much more fun to read about, and still give you feels (although they’re a little different).  Just think of all of your favorite books all time.  Most likely, they had REALLY FRICKIN SOLID friendships to get them through their ordeals. Or else they wouldn’t have succeeded.  And that’s what makes them special.  Today, as part of the Broody BFF Challenge #7, we’re going to be talking about the best YA friendships I can think of.  While you’re here, check out Becoming a Main Character (almost) as Awesome as Me on Goodreads!


Harry Potter

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I feel like this’ll probably show up on everybody’s lists, but it’s so true.  Sure, Ron and Hermione ended up together in the end, but the entire time they were in school (aka when the books took place) it was about the strongest friendship I’ve ever seen, and it basically set me up for super unrealistic expectations of what I want to have as I grow up.  And, I mean, I had it in middle school for 2 years, but now that I’ve lost it I kind of like to return to the solace of the books, yanno? It’s the best friendship adventure I could think of, and is the vision of healthy relationships.

Code Name Verity

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I don’t remember all of the details of this book, but I do know that it’s told dual perspective from two best friends, and set up for a slow burn reveal that KILLSSS ME and left me reeling for days.  I will recommend this book to literally anyone who enjoys YA historical fiction (and people who don’t, because you never know) because the friendship is perfect and the plot is perfect.  Bottom line, this is a must read.

Percy Jackson

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Percy, Annabeth were great friends.  I adored them and their relationship, but I never really shipped them like I do other m/f friendships. I mean, they obviously fit together really well, but at the same time they were FRIENDS TILL THE END and I loved it.  Although the main point of this book wasn’t their friendship, I think it came across really well.

I’ll Give You the Sun

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Melodramaticmelon is the real MVP for this one!

Admittedly, this isn’t quite a friendship, but it’s a brother sister relationship that’s basically friendship that got explored A LOT through the book.  It wasn’t all sunny in friendship land, but the way everything went down made me feel like it was a really good look at true friends/brother sister love. My mom would disagree with you and say that one of the two is simply an asshole, but I don’t see it that way.  I dunno.

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What are the best books about friendship? What does a strong friendship mean to you? Do you prefer books with romance or friendship?


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I SHIP It: OTPs in Honor of Valentine’s Day

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Happy (almost) Valentine’s day everyone!!!  In honor of the most romantic holiday of the year, I decided to make a list of some of the fictional couples that I SHIP.  As someone who seems infinitely alone, I’m jealous of literally every couple, so this is going to be kind of hard 🙂

Bella and Edward (Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer)

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You can’t tell me that they’re not cute, you really can’t.  Yes, a lot of people hate the books (although I genuinely don’t know why) and even more people think Edward’s gross (I blame the movies for that) but they’re perfect for each other.  Their love is so deep and endless that I adore it.  There’s no way that you could deny their chemistry and the way their personalities meet.

Clary and Simon (Mortal Instruments Series, by Cassandra Clare)

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Jace was cute, and I liked him, but there’s something so alluring about Simon, he’s so sweet, and he’s always there for Clary.  Even though he was friendzoned pretty consistently, he was super loyal.  I feel like Clary didn’t go for him just because he wasn’t a Shadowhunter, because otherwise their personalities meshed perfectly.  Ugh I don’t know why Cassandra Clare thought it would be a good idea not to make him more of a part of Clary’s love life.

Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter Series, by JK Rowling)

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Yes, they’re the most argued about couple in all of Harry Potter.  But seriously guys, they’re adorable.  Ron so clearly had a crush on her forever, and Hermione needed someone like him to balance out her over the top personality.  They’ve had so many cute scenes even before they started dating, and I love the fact that they are friends above all.  Plus, those of you who thought Hermione and Harry would work, just picture their two Type A personalities trying to compromise on anything.  They can’t.  They’re too much alike to ever have a relationship.

Caleb and Margo Roth Spiegelman (Divergent, by Veronica Roth MEETS Paper Towns, by John Green)

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Ugh.  You are both disgusting creatures and deserve nobody but each other.  Go run away and resist reality and betray everyone who cares about you together.  You’d probably end up abandoning each other while you’re at it because you don’t understand what it means to be there for someone who is there for you.  In Divergent, Caleb was basically a villain, and in Paper Towns Margo was what made me hate the book (she was also the reason for the book so I guess I hated the whole concept) so I would love to see them meet, especially considering the fact that their flaws are so similar.

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen)

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I LOVE THEM SO FREAKING MUCH!!!! There’s so much development between the two and it seems so realistic.  This is by far my favorite classic and it’s mostly because the relationship was my absolute favorite in this book, they balance each other so well, and are completely real the entire time *cough cough* Jane Eyre.

Hazel and Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green)

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Yeah, this was a cheesy set up romance, but still they were perfect for each other.  Augustus had a way that just drew Hazel out of her shell and back into the real world.  They were exactly what the other one needed, and although I don’t know if the fact that they were dying just added to that perception, it made me happy to see their relationship grow so strong.

Who are your favorite fictional couples?  Do you have any plans for Valentine’s day? Comment below and share!

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